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The OZ MEGA event is fast approaching over the Easter long weekend. Full of stalls and free seminars and show. I am one of the presenters this year and am doing a presentation on Astro photography and shooting the night sky. Come and say hello and learn how to take great photos of the stars for free. I will be on stage from 7pm to 8pm on Saturday night.

Last year I was approached by Flowers of Sydney to use a flower image of mine for their feature of photographers all over the world, its a great blog featuring some fine photography and info about each photographer. If you think flowers are boring think again, do yourself a favour and check out the great work from over 40 different photographers. Click the link below.


There a several reasons why people come to my workshops and tours. Aside from photography, these are social events for photographers. And it depends on the needs of the group and individual clients. Software interpretations, how to see, what to look for, workflow, making friends, feeling safe in a group environment, being taken to locations at the right time and local knowledge these are just a few of the elements that are integral in a photo workshop. 

Some people just like to relax and switch off from their busy lives and have some "me" time.

The main benefit is to have people leave with new skills and the knowledge they can take with them to apply to future images and locations, and to have knowledge of these locations so that if they return on their own, they’ll know how to get around and how to deal with different light, landscapes and environments. 

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