Lake Eyre Photo Tour April 2016

I just spent the most amazing 3 days on Julie Fletcher’s Lake Eyre Photography Tour/Workshop. Her photography speaks for itself but I wasn’t sure what to expect from her as a teacher. I was not disappointed. I lapped up anything she had to teach us. Julie catered to all of our levels of expertise and was very patient and helpful. She is very humble and fair and did not hold back on revealing any of her photography secrets or amazing locations (including one that is not accessible to the general public). Julie genuinely wanted us all to ‘get the money shot’ and with her guidance, we all did.
I was with a great bunch of people and although we hit the ground running and didn’t stop, we all would do it over again in a second. If you are thinking of going on a workshop, I can’t recommend it enough…….and if you end up doing a Marree or Lake Eyre workshop make sure you try one of Lyall’s char grilled steaks. It was honestly the best I have ever had.
Thanks Julie, I hope to see you in the outback again one day.
Toni Moran (Queensland)

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Red Centre Northern Territory Photo Tour July 2017

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