Flinders DVD now available, this is a short version of whats on the DVD. Purchase online here or from the Marree Roadhouse.

Stunning dry or wet this is a recent video of the area we visit on my workshops. Ever changing untouched and pristine, one one of the only spots that is free from human invasion. Come and join me on the next workshop in the outback and experience it for yourself.

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Award Winning Images

Award Winning Images - Remarkable Rocks Kangaroo Island SA Award Winning Images - Milky Way Award Winning Images - Fitzroy River Fitzroy Crossing Award Winning Images - Old Jetty Kangaroo Island SA

Workshop Participant Images

Workshop Participant Images - Marree outback South Australia workshop Sept 2015 Workshop Participant Images - Marree Lake Eyre workshop August 2017 Workshop Participant Images - Flinders Ranges South Australia Photo Tour June 2015 Workshop Participant Images - Flinders Ranges South Australia Photo Tour August 2016

- Ron Hodges -

Julie, The photo arrived fully intact and undamaged. We unwrapped it VERY carefully to take a peek and it is GLORIOUS. Once it is framed and hung I will take a picture of it and send it to you. Thanks so much!!! Ron Hodges USA

Marree Lake Eyre outback Workshop August 2017

I can't recommend this workshop highly enough. The locations were all challenging and varied greatly in their nature. Lake Eyre was simply breathtaking and, for me, the intro to astrophotography was a real highlight. Julie encouraged us to stretch ourselves creatively, supporting us with plenty of help re possible approaches…