Outback to ocean Kangaroo Island two day summer workshops

Saturday, 09 March 2019
2 Days & 1 Night

A$ 490.00

About This Workshop

Spend 2 days with me on the unique and stunning Kangaroo Island and I will introduce you too a couple of favourite spots of mine for a day of discussion and photography.

As this trip is over 2 days our start time on day 1 is 10.00am until after sunset which is quite late due to daylight saving so we will grab lunch somewhere before our sunset shoot and then day 2 start time is 8.30am to around 1.00pm for post production. 

On day 2 from 8.30am we head into the classroom for a day of post production learning to make your images shine and finishing with a critique session and finishing around 1.30pm. This exclusive workshop offers a small group environment which allows plenty of one on one time for each person and the capacity to go home with a new way of looking at things and some new skills in tow. See how I use light in the field to manipulate my subjects to make them stand out. Morning tea included.

Whats Included In The Workshop

 2 Days & 1 Night
 One-On-One, Private Tuition
 Group Critique Sessions
 Morning tea provided
 Ferry pick up and drop off

Whats NOT Included In The Workshop

 Accommodation Costs
 Food, Beverages Or Snacks
 Casual Refreshments Or Coffee's
 Optional Tours Or Excursions
 Vehicle Rental Costs
 Flight Or Transport Costs
 main meals
 Remarkable Rocks


You are responsible for booking your own accomodation and bringing or hiring transport. Kingscote is the most central to everything.


I recommend bringing your own car if coming from mainland or hire one on teh island and stay and extra couple of days to explore the island and put your new camera skills into practice. I can also help with great tips and locations to visit and photograph. If further tuition or guiding is needed this can also be arranged at an extra cost.


Suitable for

  • Beginner or intermediate level
  • Learning about essential camera settings and functions 
  • Building confidence
  • Understanding light and composition
  • Learning processing techniques with lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw
  • Improving overall workflow
  • Learning about landscape photography

Topics discussed and put into practice

  • what gives an image the WOW factor
  • creativity and how to become more creative 
  • the art of seeing
  • relighting and becoming more artisitc in post production

This is a practical 2 day course with you using your own photos to work with in post production. 

  • DAY 1.
  • I will start the workshop with an introduction and approx 1 hour of discussion and getting you set up with camera settings and getting your creative side switched on and ready to get out and take some great photos for late afternoon and sunset.
  • On location I will be right there to help you and guide you with your creative journey but number one priority is allowing you to make your own decisions and mistakes before I step in and help. Understanding your camera is prioriy and crucial to producing great images and to be able to convey that wow factor and emotive edge.
  • DAY 2.
  • in the classroom with post production. Post production is just as important to learn if you are shooting digital RAW images.
  • straight into post production of your own images
  • I will demonstrate and introduce you to the develop module in Lightroom going over all the crucial sliders that you will need to finess your images before you then go ahead and start on your own images.
  • Re - lighting in Lightroom and being creative to add or convey more emotion in your images. 
  • Critique session is  where I will access at least 2 of your images after you have finsihed processing them in the group invironment and make any changes I think may be needed to improve the image. We do this as a group so everyone has a chance to see how others see and process their work and how I go about finessing everyones work. Its a great way to learn and pick up tips.
  • Morning tea and a short break will be included on this day.

Tuition And Guidance

Guidence by 2 highly achieved photographers in their respective fields. Small groups only for the best results. 1 on 1 tuition in the field. No one gets left out. Everyone has a chance to shine even the quiet ones. Post production critique sessions included using lightroom.

I will be there to help you achieve and capture the best results you can with your camera and having a small group allows everyone to seek help and shine no matter what level they are at. Group critique gives everyone a chance to see how others have captured certain scenes and allows the creative juices to flow giving everyone a helping hand to see things differently and try new angles or techniques. There will be ample time for questions. There will be a critique session.

You must be in good health upon arrival. Please refer to my terms and conditions. You would also be wise to consider travel insurance.

During this workshop the following topics will be covered;

Common Mistakes, How To Avoid Them
Exposure (histograms), Getting It Right
Focusing Methods
Understanding White Balance
Shooting RAW
When To Use A Tripod
Lens Choice
Filter Choices
Shooting In Low Light
Post Processing Tips & Tricks
Post Processing With Lightroom
camera settings and functions
nurturing creativity
exploring the digital darkroom

Things To Bring With You

Essential Items

Your Camera
Camera Bag/Backpack
Camera Manual
Extra Flash/Memory Cards
Extra Batteries
Any Required Cables
Lightroom/Elements (+RAW Plugin)
Warm Jacket
Season Appropriate Clothing
Walking/Hiking Shoes/Boots
Day Time Water Bottle
Prescription/Sun Glasses
Any Required Medications
Spending/Pin Money
Travel & Accident Insurance
Your Sense Of Humour

Suggested Items

300mm+ Long-Lens (Wildlife Photography)
Lens Filters
Notebook/Pad & Pens
Workshop Level
New Camera OwnersBeginner & NoviceIntermediate
Fitness Level
Light Physical Activity
Your Workshop Leader(s)
Julie Fletcher
Julie Fletcher


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